Cheap Flights From Lagos To Enugu

Based on a list of airlines operating flights in this route against their respective prices, here are the cheapest flights from Lagos to Enugu this month.

Multiple Airlines
Lagos to Enugu
Enugu to Lagos
Price- ₦48,727

Based on a list of airlines operating flights in this route against their respective prices, here are the cheapest flights from the Lagos to Enugu route in the next 3 months.

Arik Air
Lagos to Enugu
Enugu to Lagos
Price- ₦58,620

Based on a list of airlines operating flights the Lagos to Enugu route and against their respective prices, here are the cheapest flights in the next 6 months;

Arik Air
Lagos to Enugu
Enugu to Lagos
Price- ₦71,809

Enugu is the capital of Enugu State in Nigeria. It is located in southeastern Nigeria. The city reportedly had a population of 722,664 according to the 2006 Nigerian census. The name Enugu is derived from the two Igbo words Énú Ụ́gwụ́ meaning “hill top” denoting the city’s hilly geography. The city was named after Enugwu Ngwo, under which coal was found.

Since the 17th century the locality of present-day Enugu has been occupied by the Nike subgroup of the Igbo people; one of Enugu’s neighborhoods still retains the village’s old name Ogui. In 1900, the Southern Nigeria Protectorate was established by the colonial administration of the British Empire. The discovery of coal by the colonialists led to the building of the Eastern Line railway to carry coal from the inland city to the port of Port Harcourt, a city created for this purpose located 151 miles (243 km) south of what was called Enugu Coal Camp. Enugu was then renamed simply Enugu and developed as one of the few cities in West Africa created from European contact.

By 1958 Enugu had over 8,000 coal miners. As of 2005, there are no significant coal mining activities left in the city. Enugu became the capital of the Eastern Region after Nigeria’s independence in 1960; a succession of territorial adjustments in 1967, 1976 and 1991 led to Enugu becoming the capital of what is now Enugu State. On 30 May 1967 Enugu was declared the capital of the short-lived Republic of Biafra; for this Enugu is known as the “capital of Igboland.” After Enugu was captured by the Nigerian armed forces, the Biafran capital was moved to Umuahia. Industries in the city include the urban market and bottling industries. Enugu is also one of the filming locations for directors of the Nigerian movie industry, dubbed “Nollywood”. Enugu’s main airport is the Akanu Ibiam International Airport. The main educational establishment in the city is the Enugu campus of the University of Nigeria based in Nsukka, a town north of Enugu and in the same state.

Enugu Airport
Akanu Ibiam International Airport, also known as Enugu Airport, is an airport serving Enugu, the capital city of Enugu State of Nigeria, and nearby cities, such as Onitsha, Nnewi, Awka, Abakaliki, Nsukka, Okigwe, Afikpo, Ugep, Orlu, Idah, Otukpo, and Ogoja. The airport is named after the late Akanu Ibiam (1906-1995), a Medical Doctor and Statesman who hailed from Afikpo in Ebonyi State. The airport was closed on February 10, 2010, by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) for the first phase of major renovation and expansion works. The airport was re-opened on 16 December 2010, but the second and third phase of the construction work is still ongoing. The airport is being prepared for its new status as an international airport.

Airlines that operate at the Enugu Airport are; Arik Air, Med-View Airline, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines and Air France. Within the city, transportation is inexpensive and fares are very low. A cab ride of up to 30 minutes can cost as little as NGN1,000. There are other public transport options asides from the cab. They are The Coal city shuttle, the Keke-na-Pepe (tricycle) which is most popular amongst the locals and other smaller buses that move to different locations within the city. The fares for both the Keke-na-pepe and buses start from NGN50. Tourists can easily move around and save on the public transport options available within the city while having a cool time.

Tourist Attractions in Enugu State

Ezeagu Tourist Complex

The complex is located at the south central pan of the State. It is made up of a waterfall, a three-kilometer cave, natural spring and a lake. The complex has a unique beautification due to its natural setting.

Awhum Water Fall and Cave
Surrounded by a breathtaking scenery, this 30-meter-high waterfall cascades through an evergreen vegetation as well alive with varieties of biological species including wild animals and a wide variety of birds. Located close to a monastery, its water is believed to have therapeutic effects and curative powers and capable of dispelling evil or satanic forces if and wherever sprinkled. A section of the fall is warm through the season. Awhum waterfall is situated at Amaugwe village of Awhum town in Udi Local Government Area. The waterfall is as a result of massive outcrop of granite rock with water cascading over the top forming a stream. A section of the fall is warm through the season.

Akwuke-Atakwu Beach
This is the best place for beach tourism, and a natural environment. Tourist feels the breath of nature and a sense of relaxation

Ngwo Cave, Pine, and Waterfall
To get to the Ngwo Cave takes you on a trek amongst the trees of the pristine Ngwo Pine Forest. The trek to the Ngwo Cave requires navigating your way through the large cluster of trees at the beautiful Ngwo Pine Forest, sharp twists and turns along the stone-paved track, as the route slants downward. The valley floor is tiled by a gently flowing stream of limpid spring waters. A barefooted trek upstream in the water leads into a dark cleft at the end of the valley. A narrow but high opening leads into the crevice and the loud splashing of the waters of the raging crystal clear waters announces your arrival. Ngwo-Pine The Ngwo Cave has been naturally sculpted in limestone rocks and is bedecked by an enchanting waterfall dropping down from a small opening in the roof of the cave. The fall forms a shallow pool at the cave floor and flows out as a small stream. Just behind the big mass of rock in which the cave is emplaced, we find more caves carefully tucked into the rock, some within reach and others needing a good climb to access. The water fall also has warm and hot water that comes out together from one source.

Ugwueme/Udi Hills
Udi hills is the site of the first coal mine in Enugu, opened in 1915 but later replaced with the Iva Valley Mine in 1917. Under the Udi Hills are the coal mines, there also are tunnels for tourists to explore. The Ugwueme and Udi Hills are hills about hundreds of meters above sea level. These hills are good for mountaineering and landscape admiration points. Underneath the Udi hills are the coal mines. There are also beautiful tunnels for tourist sites.

Ogelube Lake
A tropical oligotrophic lake having desmids dominated phytoplankton with maximum density during the warmest season. During the rainy season, the lake cools phytoplankton declines and dominance shifts to algae other than desmids.

Ani Ozalla Lake
The Ani Ozalla Lake and Shrine is a natural lake located at Ozalla in Nkanu West LGA near Enugu where crocodiles which are regarded as goddesses appear from the lake at the command of the chief priest to take offerings from supplicants.

Iheneke Lake
This is a tropical lake with maximum density during the warmest season. During the rainy season, the lake cools and then cools further as Harmattan advances. It is a lovely place to rest and have relaxation.

Milliken Hill

These hills are found at Ngwo in Enugu North LGA, they are 100 meters above sea level, offering beautiful standpoint for a panoramic view of Enugu metropolis, especially at dawn and dusk. The hill was named after one of the earliest colonial administrators in Enugu. The first road into Enugu city winds through the foot of the hill bounded by a deep gully. Underneath the hills are relics of coal mines and its beautiful tunnels. Beneath the Milken hills is the Iva Valley. The hills are good for mountaineering. However, drivers are advised to drive slowly with caution through the meandering roads.

Silicon Hill
Silicon Hill is located near the Nkalagu campus of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) and it has very important mineral deposit called “silicon”. The hill which is more than 300m above sea level and almost half a kilometer long has strong “silica” an important raw material for the manufacture of glasses. The surrounding environment is very captivating with hills, valleys and plains beautifully wrapped up such that one cannot ignore its breathtaking views and awe inspiring blend.

National Museum of Unity
Established shortly after the civil war, so as to engender unity. The Enugu Museum houses a variety of relics from the Stone Age through to the postcolonial era. Military artifacts from the Biafra War can be seen at the museum.

Polo Park Mall
Located in Enugu City, Polo Park Mall is more than your average shopping mall. With a Ferris Wheel right in front, it’s worth a visit. It also has the usual Mall set up. Food courts, supermarkets, and various shopping outlets.

Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium
Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Enugu, Nigeria. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Enugu Rangers.The stadium has a capacity of 22,000 and the stadium was named after the first president of the Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe. The stadium, which previously had natural grass, now has an artificial turf and a new videomatrix scoreboard. These and other refurbishing works were designed to give the stadium a more modern and technologically driven edifice because it was one of the hosting stadiums of FIFA U-17 World Cup Nigeria 2009.

Nike Lake Resort
Nike Lake Resort is situated on the banks of Nike Lake in Enugu. Enjoy the perfect business getaway with breathtaking views in a very secure and tranquil environment. All rooms overlook the well-manicured gardens or the lake and each room provides the comfort and luxury that is expected from an international hotel.

Enugu Golf Club
Located at Mount Street, Enugu. The club has a beautiful and challenging 18 holes course with a year round season which has been become a solid attraction to guest and residents. It also contains a clubhouse and a well-stocked bar.

Magic Garden
Aptly named, Magic Garden is a recreation park and garden located in the city center. With a swimming pool and restaurant and soothing atmosphere, it’s a great place to chill with friends and family. They also frequently host family themed events and activities.

Mmanwu Festival
Usually held at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in the month of October. Mmanwu festival is an Igbo celebration of masquerades. It is a colorful event and serves to honor the ancestral spirits represented by the masquerades. We have different types of this masquerades; Ojionu which is the water spirit masquerade, the Enyi Mmanwu- Elephant, Mmanwu Ube- Tortoise, Mmanwu Ugo-Eagle, and the Ijele; the latter is the one that is most outstanding and dresses in a resplendent attire. The Ijele is the King of these masquerades.

FAQs about flights from Lagos to Enugu
Q: What is the best time to fly from Lagos to Enugu?

A: The best time to travel to Enugu is during the off season period. Fares are usually low during this period.

Q: When is the best time to book a ticket to Enugu?
A: Booking 3 months in advance is advised for best prices.

Q: How long does the trip take?
A: If you travel with an airplane from Lagos to Enugu it takes 1 hour 4minutes to arrive.

Q: What is the distance between both cities?
A: The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Lagos and Enugu is 461 km= 286 miles.

Q: Where can one book cheap flights to Enugu?
A: For cheap tickets. Visit

Grab a bite of Okpa
Okpa is very easy to find in Enugu from restaurants to road side sellers. Made from bambara nuts, the okpa in Enugu is especially delicious. You’ll probably end up getting more than a bite.

Try Some Abacha
Nigeria’s own indigenous salad, Abacha is extremely popular in the eastern parts of Nigeria. Made from Cassava, It is healthy and quite sumptuous.

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