Cheap Flights From Abuja To Lagos

During Christmas is when the flight tickets to Lagos are cheap. However, it becomes cheaper if the booking was done between four to five months in advance.


Flight Price (Naira)
Air Via 42,001
Med-View Airline 44,001
Dana Air 49,500


CHEAPEST FLIGHTS FROM ABUJA TO LAGOS IN THREE MONTHS; The following are available flights from Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport and Murtala Muhammed Airport between the months of September and November.

Cheapest Flights From Abuja to Lagos in September

Flight Price (Naira)
Air Via 42,001
Dana Air 43,200
Hahn Air 92,502

Cheapest Flights From Abuja to Lagos in October

Flight Price (Naira)
Dana Air 43,200
Air Via 48,002
Hahn Air 92,502

Cheapest Flights From Abuja to Lagos in November

Flight Price (Naira)
Dana Air 43,200
Air Via 48,002
Hahn Air 92,502

About Lagos

Lagos is located in the south western part of Nigeria and was the capital of the country until 1991 when the federal capital was moved to Abuja. It is the largest city in Nigeria in terms of population, as well as being the largest in all of Africa. Lagos is also both the commercial and entertainment hub in Nigeria because of its attraction and suitability for business opportunities and home to major attraction centers in the country.

About Murtala Muhammed International Airport

The Murtala Muhammed International Airport is a public international airport located in Ikeja, Lagos. It is owned and operated by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria. There are two terminals at the airport; the domestic and international terminals. The Lagos airport serves both domestic and international destinations and is the busiest airport in Nigeria.

Airlines Operating Flights at Murtala Muhammed International Airport

There are several airlines operating scheduled flights from the Murtala Mohammed Airport, some include

Transport Options In Lagos


They are generally known as Okada and are the most common means of getting around Lagos especially short distances. This is because they are typically cheaper than cabs or Uber and as well as being generally faster than them.


There are about three type of bus operations in Lagos state. these include the popular Danfos and Molues, and then the government buses known as BRT (Bus Rapid Transit system). The Danfos and Molues are yellow painted buses that often become overcrowded with people and tend to take the time of travelers because of the regular stops at major junctions. However, boarding any of these buses offer travelers the undiluted chance at witnessing the hustle and bustle of Lagos at a glance.

BRTs are the ideal choice for time conservers as it allows you to reach your destination in time. this is down to the separate routes that have been constructed for the buses only. However, periods before boarding any of these buses could be a daunting experience due to the overcrowding situations of the bus terminals.


Taxis can be hailed along the road and a fee will be agreed between the driver and passenger. Private taxis and Ubers are available for moving around locations in the Lagos metropolis at a fixed price. Uber can be called and booked from the comfort of your mobile phone and they will come to meet you anywhere you are.

Tourist Attractions In Lagos

Lekki Conservation Area

Lekki Conservation Area oozes calm and all the ambiance that comes with nature. It is a tropical rain-forest in the outskirts of Lagos and should be the priority destination for tourists and anyone looking to be in touch with nature and wants to bask in the lush vegetation that the area holds. It is located at Lekki Conservation Centre Road in Lekki Peninsula, Lagos.


The history of Lagos is incomplete without the mention of Badagry. You might want to visit this coastal town to get a feel of the rich history of the state and get to see the artifacts serving as physical evidence of colonialism and slavery in the country.

The Afrika Shrine

Once the fort of the great Afro beat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the shrine is a regular reminder of what African music is about. Visit the shrine on a Thursday night for a free show, or on the last Saturdays of the month – Afrobeats Sessions with Seun Kuti. There are lots of fun to be had at every session at the shrine including listening to good music, eating, drinking, dancing, and meeting other music enthusiasts.

National Museum

The museum has a notable collection of Nigerian art, including statuary, carvings, archaeological, and ethnographic exhibits. It is located at Onikan, Lagos Island.

National Theatre

This is an architectural masterpiece that serves you plays, art and culture on a platter. There are lots of fun activities going on there every day and the serene atmosphere and surroundings will help you unwind. They also have some nice restaurants and bars in there where you can just chill and hang out with friends.

The Palms Shopping Mall

Have a taste of the ultimate shopping experience, complete with restaurants and a state-of-the-art cinema when you visit The Palms in Lekki. The complex is home to Shoprite, The Game, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas and other amazing brands.

Ikeja City Mall

One of the first malls built in the country, it has shops like Mango, Mr. Price, Wrangler, Casabella, and Essenza. Also, there’s cheap food and drinks at Shoprite there.

Coconut Beach, Badagry

The perfect getaway from the hustle of daily Lagos life.

Nike Art Gallery and Cultural Center

Visit this gallery for out of this world depth expressed via paintings, drawings, textile works of Adire, sculptures, dancing, and drumming.

Terra Kulture

The go-to for everything art education, culture and socializing. There is always one art related event or the other going on there.  So, don’t miss it.

Ikoyi Club
This is the place for sports lovers. It offers tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, swimming pool, and billiard tables. There’s also a sauna, bar & grill, business facilities, and a clubhouse.

The Whispering Palms Resort

Come for breathtaking views of the Lagos Lagoon and the restive fun you deserve after experiencing the bustle of Lagos city,  Whispering Palms assures you of finding the uncanny balance between rest and fun.

Omu Resort

Omu Resort houses the first wax museum in Africa and the first race track in Nigeria with a different array of karts for all ages. It has a modern zoo, SeaWorld, art gallery, mini golf, quad biking, go karting, horse riding, and amusement park and so much outdoor fun packaged for those who come in to have a great time.

Mega Plaza

Mega Plaza is one of the biggest shopping malls in Victoria Island, Lagos. For any range and brand of electronics, household and personal items, toys, office, musical, and sports equipment. There’s a food court with several restaurants and fast-food outlets serving Chinese, continental, and Nigerian dishes.

Muson Center

MUSON Centre is a repository of music, arts, and culture. It is also the most prestigious and exclusive performance hall in Lagos. Fancy catching a play or attending a concert, check out what may be showing per time and get tickets for you and yours and attend.

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