Cheap Flights From Abuja to Bauchi

Cheapest Flights to Bauchi in the current month: Overland Airways provides scheduled flights from Abuja to Bauchi starting from ₦19,000. The total cost of the flight fare from Abuja to Bauchi may increase depending on booking time.
Cheapest Flights to Bauchi in the next 3 months: Overland Airways provides scheduled flights from Abuja to Bauchi starting from ₦19,000. The total cost of the flight fare from Abuja to Bauchi may increase depending on booking time.
Cheapest Flights to Bauchi in the next 6 months: Overland Airways provides scheduled flights from Abuja to Bauchi starting from ₦19,000.

The total cost of the flight fare from Abuja to Bauchi may increase depending on booking time.
Abuja to Bauchi by road over 575km is a 6 hours 34 minutes journey. Flight time from Abuja to Bauchi is 54 minutes over 318km. Lagos to Bauchi flight is via Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. Overland Airways operates scheduled flights from Lagos to Bauchi through Abuja.

Destination Information for Bauchi

Bauchi formerly known as Yakoba is the capital of Bauchi State in Northeastern Nigeria. It is also the seat of the Bauchi Emirate. Located on the Northern edge of the Jos Plateau, it is the hub of tourism in the Northern part of Nigeria.
Bauchi has a population of over 450000 spread over 3, 687 km sq. Bauchi means “land of freedom and tourism” in Hausa.
Bauchi has a very rich history as the name Bauchi was derived from Baushe-an ancient hunter that advised the founder of the town Yaqub ibn Dadi to build the city west of the Warinje Mountain. Yaqup then fulfilled his promise of naming the town after the hunter, Baushe.
The town is the home of the first Premier Minister of Nigeria, Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. The Yankari National Park is also situated in Bauchi. Bauchi experiences a tropical savanna climate with hot days and hot nights.
Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport built 23km north of Durum Village serves Bauchi State. The IATA code is BCU, while the ICAO code is DNBC. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport has scheduled flight service to Abuja. A cargo terminal is also planned. Overland Airways operates scheduled passenger flights from Abuja to Bauchi.

Transportation Options in Bauchi

Bikes and Tricycles popularly called Keke Napep move commuters to different destinations in Bauchi. They are ubiquitous around the major bus stops in Bauchi.
Cabs and Taxis are also available to convey passengers to major points in the city. The cabs and taxis are also available at the airport.
Tourist attractions in Bauchi include
The Yankari Game Reserve
The Emir’s Palace
Tafawa Balewa’s Tomb and Museum
Wikki Warm Spring and Park
Shehu Azare Park
Sumu Wildlife Park
These parks and tourists attraction is why Bauchi has been rightly tagged as “the pearl of tourism.”


Great Places to visit in Bauchi

Bauchi lives up to its tag as the “pearl of tourism” with the awesome places of tourism it offers visitors and tourists. Although Sharia Law was adopted in 2001, it has not stopped visitors and tourists trooping to the state.

Yankari National Park: It is located about 117km away from Bauchi, is the most popular tourist destination in Nigeria. It holds the larger number of the remnant wildlife in Nigeria. The park has 550 elephants, making it the largest elephant population in West Africa. Baboons, Monkey, antelope, Giraffes, deer, lions are other animals that are found in abundance in the Reserve. The best time to visit the Yankari Game Reserve in late February to April when the animals can easily be watched in its wildlife habitat.  The Kalban and Kanyo Hills in Yankari Game Reserve give visitors a complete view of the park and doubles as a beautiful picnic ground. The park has more than 59 Caves and over 130 wells used by the Trans-Atlantic slave traders.
The Wikki Park operates a museum with trophies of wildlife parts such as skins, tusks, bones, and horns. The relics of animals, traps, and hunting gears used by poachers are also displayed in the Museum. It is a wildlife conservation education center.
Wikki warm spring is a natural spring with clear blue-green waters where visitors can swim and relax. In the evening, tourists can also watch the sunset in the scenic park in the evening.

The Emir’s Palace: Babban Gwani a famous 19th-century master builder from Zaria, Kaduna State built the palace of the Emir of Bauchi. The Emir of Bauchi lives and holds court within the palace. Visitors are allowed to enter the public places for sightseeing.
Tafawa Balewa’s Tomb: The first Premier Minister of Nigeria is buried in his hometown of Bauchi. He was assassinated in the 1966 coup that resulted in the Nigerian civil war. His tomb is also a museum where his belongings such as wristwatch, radio, and caps are displayed in glass cases in the museum.
Shehu Azare Park: The Park has a well-kept lawn in a beautiful environment. Coupled with beautiful flowers and cement benches for picnickers, visitors, and tourists can relax in the park on hot afternoons.
Sumu Wildlife Park:

The Sumu Wildlife Park located in Ganjuwa local council area is home to diverse flora and fauna. Visitors to the park can watch different species of bird and wild animals in the Park. There are also tourism support facilities like lodges and restaurants on long term stay.

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Abuja: Abuja is currently one of Africa’s most developed City. It is Nigeria’s Federal Capital and hosts some of the most iconic buildings in the country. The National Mosque, Ecumenical Church; and headquarters of Federal parastatals, organizations, and embassies. A number of interesting places will make your visit to the seat of power memorable. Places of interest like Jabi Lake, Silverbird Cinema, Millennium Park, and Aso Rock are cool spots to unwind, have fun and share prime time with friends and family. Shopping, business, relaxation, and accommodation make Abuja the city to be.
Jos: Popularly called “J-town”, it is a cool and lovely city in Northern Nigeria. The city is fun, and it is particularly loved for the weather and serene environment. JosPlateauu, museums, Wildlife Park and game reserve, breath-taking waterfalls and striking hills and rocks make Jos a hub for tourists.
Minna: Minna is a quiet and lovable commercial city in the Central part of Nigeria. It used to be a collection point for agricultural produce years back. It also served as a labor camp for railway construction workers. Minna has a blend of several cultures and life styles. Notable tourists sites to visit in Minna includes the Gurara falls, Baro port, Wushishi Transway engine-first railway locomotive engine, Kainji Lake, and Kainji Lake National park.

Enugu: Popularly known as the “coal city”, it offers visitors a lot in the world of tourism, music, fine dining, hilarious live comedy, sports, night life, architecture and numerous festivals. The city has a large number of waterfalls, caves, hills luxury hotels and gardens.
The costs of traveling to these cities start from NGN30000 and the journey starts from 1 hour.
Other cities with a high number of visitors like Bauchi are Buenos Aires, Ottawa, Ontario, Washington DC, Brasilia, and Zagreb. Flight fares to these cities start from NGN350000. The journey time takes an average of 7 hours to 17 hours depending on the location.

Popular Flights from Abuja
• New York
• London
• Accra
• Lagos
• Qatar
• London
• Madrid
• Abu Dhabi
• Washington D.C
• Johannesburg
• Hong Kong
• Dubai
• Kano
• Istanbul
Popular flights to Bauchi
• Lagos
• Abuja

FAQS about flights in Bauchi

-What is the best time to fly to Bauchi?
Flights can land at Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport all year round, as the climate is relatively dry.
-When is the Best time to book a Ticket?
Tickets are best booked at least 7 to 21 days before departure.
-How long does the trip to Bauchi take?
The trip from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to Bauchi is 54 minutes.
-What is the distance between both cities?
The driving distance between Abuja and Bauchi is 575km, while the flight distance is 318km. It takes 6 hours 34 minutes to travel by road from Abuja to Bauchi, while the flight time to Bauchi from Abuja is 54 minutes.
-Where can one book cheap flights to Bauchi?
Book cheap flights to Bauchi through; offering the best deals for leisure travelers, business travelers, and visitors.

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